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Wishbone Foundation – Supporting Grieving Families

Did you know that one in 200 pregnancies in the United States results in a stillbirth? Even more surprising, is the fact that most healthcare institutions are ill-equipped to handle the emotional hardship families must endure when delivering an unborn baby.

The Wishbone Foundation is vested in providing delivery teams with the necessary training to better handle such ghastly parturitions. With the Wishbone’s Bereavement Training, this tremendous organization hopes to capacitate hospital practitioners by providing them, not only with instructional materials but also an environment of camaraderie where professionals can share experiences, learn from each other and, ultimately assist families going through extreme misfortune. Wishbone’s bereavement training has found that talking to families about their loss aids in the healing process because it legitimizes their hardship thus breaking taboos and providing guidance and strength to move forward.

It is common for parents dealing with stillbirths to nurture a feeling of grievance. In order to better provide for the needs of these grieving families (before, during, and after birth) every dollar raised help to train nurses, labor and delivery teams, and social workers provide the much needed support for families suffering such somber loss.

Our agency is on a mission to raise money for this great organization!

Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!


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