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Bereavement Training- For families that have lost their little one

Parents that have lost their little one during, before, and after delivery face one of the most devastating experiences a family can have and the grief endured is immeasurable. Having the support and care of trained labor and delivery bereavement teams to help sustain families can make a big impact during the recovery period.

The Wishbone Foundation is vested in providing delivery teams with the necessary training and preparation to help families during this difficult time. With the Wishbone’s Bereavement Training, this tremendous provides 13.5 contact hours of professional continuing education training for nurses and other labor and delivery professionals. Our agency too is vested in this cause and hopes to support the two day intensive bereavement training which encompasses: specific cases, a parent panel, small group breakout sessions, and comprehensive bereavement skill training that is led by experienced bereavement nurses and doctors of psychology. With this program, we hold to help participating professional so they can “walk away with the confidence and new skills to support grieving families” .

For families going through the extreme misfortune of losing their little one, the recovery and grieving process starts in the hospital. Therefore, Wishbone’s bereavement teams are an invaluable resource. Join our efforts and help us provide only the best care for families during this critical time.

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